Weekly update

This week we are going to start an asphalt driveway in Hiram. The unfortunate part is we are resurfacing a driveway that has just been asphalted. The work was not done correctly and now the asphalt is peeling up and the rocks are not staying together on the hill. To fix this proble we are going to put permaflex on the hill and then use a asphalt topping mix to top the driveway out. At approximately 90 days we will go back over the driveway and put a seal coat on the driveway. By the end of the week we will be starting a concrete driveway in Marietta. The driveway is not to big only about 3500 square feet. We will use a 4000 psi concrete to install the new concrete. We have 4 loads of screened topsoil to deliver this week. I’m sure some contractors will call also for trucks or gravel this week as well.

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